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Jul 1, 2015

Aliyah Alexander has been dealing witht the devastating effects of Multiple Sclerosis for 10 years. She can no longer even lift her finger to control her computer. Despite her extreme limitations, she has created a powerful concept in caregiving.

Listen in as Aliyah and her therapist Judith Oakland describe how they do it.

Aliyah's website:

 End of Life Care Certificate Program
Training and mentoring doulas, companions, guides and midwives since 2005


almost six years ago

almost six years ago

Thank you so much for documenting and sharing this precious wisdom. The incredible model of care-for-the-caregiver these bravehearted women are pioneering will turn lights on for many of us in dark corners where we are or will find ourselves struggling! Thank you!

almost six years ago

Thank you Aliyah for being so special and open. Thank you Judith and Deanna. This was great information. I am with a care group in Guatemala. We have just begun our group to be available in our area and are working now with a woman with cancer. We have been meeting without her as a group...the idea that she could also be at our meetings is exciting. Can't wait to see if she would be interested.