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Mar 31, 2015

In hospice, we expect people are going to be dealing with their mortality and that there will be suffering in this. Many people find meaning in this struggle. Some simply suffer. We offer anti-psychotic medications, benzodiazapines and anti-depressants and we try all kinds of non-medicinal ways to address this.

And, we have a drug, still out of reach, that with just one dose, has been shown to alleviate this suffering. Psilocybin, a hallucinagen (still a Class 1 drug) is out of a person's system quickly and the effect can be permanent and long lasting because the healing happens within the experience from using the drug, not from the drug itself. With a medication like valium for instance, it is because the drug is in your system that you feel relief. Psilocybin as a therapeutic treatment is different in this regard.

This and many other fascinating points are discussed in this podcast. Join us!

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