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May 11, 2017

As an end of life practitioner, having experience underneath you really does matter. We all must start somewhere yes. Get a group of hospice professionals together as we share stories of our beginning days and you will hear the funniest and sweetest stories.

That's my point: we don't know until we have been there.

There is a big movement going on right now of people who feel called to serve the dying and we call ourselves a multitude of things: death doula, end of life doula, end of life guide or coach, soul midwife, death midwife. Some are coming from hospice ranks, developing a private practice after a long career within the field. And there are others who are wanting to serve others without coming through the hospice channels.

As I think about this and know in my bones that you don't need a credential to serve the dying well, you DO need experience to do it well. This goes for the credentialed and non-credentialed alike.

This podcast discusses the biggest reasons why.

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