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Dec 16, 2017

We had a fantastic time in this interview! But of course, I'm not talking with just anyone who is carefully living in between the lines--I'm speaking with Elena Lipson, Divine Self Care Mentor. Self care is more than a bubble bath, it is deep.

We are used to quick fixes and band aids and measuring our results often by grand moments of success or failure. But sometimes (and this is one of those times) 'success' as far as our care for our selves goes, should be measured over time. The proof is in our sense of well being, day after day. We know when we are off track. 

My hope is that listening to this podcast with Elena, who devotes her life to this topic, will motivate you to take even better care of yourself than you already are, perhaps help you 'get back on the wagon' if you've fallen off. 

Learn more about Elena here:

End of Life Doula Training and Certificate Program. More HERE.

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