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Jun 13, 2017

Anyone can receive end of life training to know more about the time period, what to do, how to be helpful and to feel more comfortable assisting others. But not everyone who seeks this out has the 'calling.' The calling is that powerful desire deep in your bones that you knoow you are meant to offer yourself in this way in service to others as they die.

When people reach out to me, they talk about this and it is interesting that so many feel strange for having the calling to serve others at the end of life. They are told that by family and friends who don't understand them. For the first time, often people tell me they finally feel understood and don't feel like a weird person.

Hospice professionals and end of life doulas alike talk often about how people look at them when they say what they do and how they feel about thier work. It is profound to carry this calling. Most people respect it.

In this week's podcast I discuss the calling.