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Oct 25, 2015

Listen in as Zenith tells me about the film made about her and her thoughts of empowering families. I am so grateful to be spending the Day of the Dead with her November 8, 2015 during my trip to Australia and New Zealand. For more information on this:

From Zenith's website: "I am not fixed in any...

Oct 19, 2015

Are you a person that wants to make a difference in your community related to illness, dying, death and mourning? 

You can and you don't have to train with anyone to do so. What communities need are safe spaces where individuals can join together and explore their feelings and thoughts around these topics.

 End of Life...

Oct 12, 2015

There is still so much misunderstanding about Palliative Care in and outside of Healthcare. There are educational videos I have found on the internet and definitions about Palliative Care that are flat out wrong.

What is wrong: they are saying that palliative care is what you use at the end of life.

Listen in and get...

Oct 6, 2015

I'm inviting you to explore this topic within yourself and with people you love and trust. I am inviting you to not be in grand, heated debates but in introspective, respectful discussion with others. Practice the discipline of silence and respect as you hear what your partner is saying about their thoughts on...